Youth for Causes: Spread the Love for Art! ( July 2017 )

HELLO JULY! We have hit the half year mark!

Last weekend, 2nd & 3rd July, born in colour had a fun and meaningful time spreading the love for Art at Canopy @ J-link(a sheltered courtyard beside JCUBE). 

It was a collaboration with a group of students from Team heART who are representing The Little Arts Academy.

The purpose of this art canival is to share the love and importance of art education for children and youths, regardless of their social-economic background.

Born in colour showed support by donating 10 of our cutesy Macaron - TED for the kids to draw & display their affection for art in macaron pieces.

Youth for Causes Children Paintig Macarons

It was really heartwarming to see the kids painting attentively and enjoying it. Some of the art pieces even contain a story!

Youth for Causes Girl Smiling And Posing While Painting Macaron

Youth for Causes Girl Posing With Her Finished Macaron

Youth for Causes Customised Macaron Artwork

Youth for Causes Having Fun While Painting Macaron

Can you guess what is this? (image below)

Youth for Causes Customised Macaron Artwork

Youth for Causes Customised Macaron Artwork

It's robot GUH! The boy drew this robot as he wants to be an engineer who builds robot when he grew up. He even came up with its own robot's name!

An art piece filled with dreams and ambition! Adorable!

All in all, it was our pleasure to be involved in this carnival. Once again, thank you team heART!

Do support team heART's initiative for a good cause. You may visit their instagram account for more info! Click here.


  • February 5, 2018
  • Categories: Events
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