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Fabric & Velvet Sofas

Our velvet and fabric sofas in Singapore features a wide range of styles from classic, bohemian to contemporary. There are many reasons why most homeowners still prefer having fabric material for the sofa in their living rooms. Fabric offers comfort and is less heat absorbent than leather. This entails that when you choose fabric, you will have a cosy living room that is more pleasant especially during the warm seasons. It is not to mention that depending on the fabric used in making the sofa, you can have a luxurious piece to decorate your living room with. Velvet, for instance, is known for being an expensive sofa cover. Most of our fabric sofa covers are designed to be washable too. Choose from a range of configurations, sizes and colours to be a perfect match for your home.

About Our Fabric Sofa

Your choice of fabric sofa in Singapore is determined by your lifestyle and how you utilise your space. Velvet and chenille are stylish upholstery textiles that work well if you live by yourself and want a little sophistication. Consider durable materials for fabric sofa, such as microfiber or polyester, if your home has a lot of kids and pets.

Types of Fabric for Sofa

There are lots of fabrics used to upholster a sofa and they can be selected in consideration of the traffic at home or your style preferences. Here are some of them:


If you want a fabric sofa that looks and feels luxurious, velvet is the upholstery fabric to choose. The fabric has a lustrous sheen that catches the light and reflects it over your sofa's shape. This emphasizes the shape of the sofa, making it appear to be a true statement piece.


It is one of the most widely used synthetic fabrics for sofa upholstery. Why? It's a budget-friendly solution that's wrinkle-resistant, long-lasting, and simple to clean. Polyester fabric sofas can be really elegant, despite the fact that the material does not sound unique or spectacular.


When it comes to upholstery materials, linen has a reputation for being divisive. On the one hand, linen provides a breezy cooling effect as well as a relaxed texture that softens with use. It's a fragile fabric that readily stains and wrinkles, and if not carefully cleaned, it can shrink.


For homeowners with pets, this sofa fabric is a great option. Microfiber is a fine polyester that is soft, resilient, and easy to maintain in terms of fabric sofas. Pet hair, dust, and lint won't stick or stay stuck in the synthetic fibres because of the tight weave, making upkeeping a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best fabric for a fabric sofa depends heavily on your style preferences and requirements. For instance, velvet fabrics can be good if you want a luxurious living room, they can be difficult to maintain, however. On the other hand, polyester and microfibre can look simple but are very easy to maintain.

A fabric sofa in Singapore often lasts for some years depending on the maintenance it received. While the fabrics may expand or shrink in time, your fabric sofa can be reupholstered for new covers as long as the frames are intact.

There are many fabrics that are durable enough for upholstery, fabrics such as velvet and polyester can be very durable but they have very different looks which will make choosing your preferred style a lot easier.

Fabric sofa shampooing services are available in Singapore nowadays. Instead of doing fabric sofa maintenance by yourself, this service can be very effective in keeping your fabric sofa clean and well-maintained.

Yes. Velvet fabric is good for the sofa. Apart from its natural durability, velvet comes in a rich luxurious texture that imbues sophistication. The only downside to a velvet fabric sofa is that it is can trap dust and can be difficult to clean.

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Bauman Sofa

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Bauman Fabric Sofa

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Ethel Fabric L Shape Sofa

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Ethel Full Leather L Shape Sofa

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Green Gard Fabric Cleaner


Bernardo Fabric Recliner Sofa

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Filipe Fabric Sofa

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Barney Full Leather Sofa

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Ethel Fabric Sofa

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Abraham Fabric Sofa

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Barney Fabric Sofa

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15 Items