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L-Shaped Sofas & Sectional

L-Shaped Sofas & Sectional Sofas 

No doubt Singaporeans' top pick for space, comfort and style, the L-Shaped sofa is the ideal choice for any home, if the space permits that is! After a long day at work, return home and give your legs a stretch onto the L-shape chaise or ottoman. L-shape sofa in Singapore is also popular due to its versatility and space-saving nature. Most homeowners who do not have a dedicated guest room offers the sofa for their unexpected guest as the length is suitable for lying. It is also often called “the corner sofa” as the shape entails a perfect fit for corners. This is why it is a great piece if you wish to maximize the space. But be warned, fights may occur between the family to get the prime seat in the living room!

Frequently Asked Questions

An L-shaped sofa is good for when you want to maximise the space of your living room. Since Singapore is known for having small space living rooms, having an L-shaped sofa can help solve the problem with space and allow more people to sit comfortably.

An L-shaped sofa is highly recommended for homeowners who are looking for solutions to small space living rooms. The shape of this type of sofa makes it ideal for corners and thus, can free up space near the centre of the living room.

An L-shaped sofa often has seating space for 4 children or 3 adults. Apart from that, the remaining space at the corner of the sofa is a perfect spot to move your throw pillows to, when there is a need for more space.

L-shaped sofas are designed for living rooms with minimal space. The subtraction of back and arm rests as well as the additional seating capacity allow for minimal space consumption. Thus, it is highly recommended for small homes.

The L-shaped sofa is also called a corner sofa for a reason. This type of sofa is ideal to be placed in a corner of the living room to free the space at the centre. It can also be placed in such a way that the shorter part is used as a room divider.

Welcome to Born In Colour! We proudly present ourselves as the quintessential destination for a comprehensive array of furniture options that epitomise the harmonious fusion of sophisticated refinement and utmost ergonomic satisfaction. At the core of our esteemed assortment lies the quintessential embodiment of comfort and style - the illustrious L-shaped sofa collection hailing from the enchanting city-state of Singapore. The essence of your abode's allure commences with the appropriate selection of furnishings, and our L-shaped sofa hailing from Singapore epitomises the harmonious fusion of opulence and cosiness, thereby kindling an aura of elegance within your living quarters.

Born In Colour comprehends the inherent necessity for a harmonious equilibrium between utilitarianism and aesthetic appeal. We cordially extend an invitation to peruse our exquisite assemblage of L-shaped sofas in the illustrious city-state of Singapore. Whether one's preference leans towards minimalist, contemporary, or classic aesthetics, rest assured that we possess the expertise and ability to cater to all such inclinations.

When one contemplates upon the concept of an L-shaped sofa, one's cognitive faculties are naturally inclined to gravitate towards the esteemed establishment known as Born In Colour. We proudly present an exquisite selection of Singapore's most distinguished L-shaped sofa collections, meticulously crafted to redefine the very essence of comfort and elegance.

What are the compelling reasons for selecting an L-shaped sofa, scandinavian Sofa and tv console Singapore?  The reason for their exceptional versatility lies in their inherent capacity to adapt and perform across a wide range of contexts. These objects possess the remarkable ability to seamlessly conform to the contours of any given corner within your living space, thereby optimising spatial utilisation and imbuing an air of refined elegance. While perusing our assortment of L-shaped sofas Singapore, one cannot help but appreciate the discerning designs and meticulous artistry that distinguishes our offerings from the rest. Every individual sofa is an exquisite work of art, seamlessly harmonising with the inherent visual appeal of your domicile, whether it adheres to contemporary or conventional design principles.

Furthermore, it is imperative to acknowledge the significance of ensuring that your L-shaped sofa aligns harmoniously with your individuality and personal disposition. Henceforth, it is with great pleasure that we present our esteemed clientele with the Singapore L shape sofa collection, which boasts an array of captivating hues, intricate textures, and impeccable finishes.

However, it transcends mere aesthetics. The paramount importance of comfort is unequivocally evident in our exquisite selection of L-shaped sofas in Singapore. Indulge in the opulent embrace of our exquisite sofas, allowing the burdens of the day to dissipate into oblivion. One must bear in mind that an L-shaped sofa procured from the esteemed establishment of Born In Colour in Singapore transcends its mere material existence as a commonplace article of furniture.

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Renato Sofa with Chaise

Special Price $3,399.00 Regular Price $3,799.00

Bella Bouclé Sofa

Special Price $1,688.00 Regular Price $1,988.00
Special Price $1,499.00 Regular Price $1,899.00

Bernardo Fabric Recliner Sofa

Special Price $1,099.00 Regular Price $1,599.00
Special Price $2,999.00 Regular Price $3,299.00

Ethel Fabric L Shape Sofa

Special Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,199.00

Coco Bouclé Sofa

Special Price $588.00 Regular Price $788.00

Bauman Fabric Sofa

Special Price $2,899.00 Regular Price $3,499.00

Preston L-Shape Chesterfield Sofa

Special Price $2,899.00 Regular Price $3,499.00

Charles Sectional Sofa

Special Price $1,288.00 Regular Price $2,588.00

Odyssee L Sofa

Special Price $1,988.00 Regular Price $2,588.00

Eleanor Sectional Sofa

Special Price $1,488.00 Regular Price $1,888.00

Ethel Full Leather L Shape Sofa

Special Price $2,999.00 Regular Price $3,299.00

Bauman Leather Sofa

Special Price $3,199.00 Regular Price $3,999.00

Luxor L-Shape Sofa

Special Price $3,199.00 Regular Price $3,499.00

Paros L-Shaped Sofa

Special Price $3,499.00 Regular Price $3,899.00

16 Items