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Recliner Sofa

Recliner sofa is a relaxing piece of furniture to add to your living room. For many years, recliners have stayed popular in Singapore homes due to the convenience and comfort they offer. Unlike the typical sofa, a recliner sofa is designed to have a mechanism to change the angle of the backrest and lift the bottom part to allow the seated person to recline. Just imagine how comforting it is to sit in a recliner after a tough day at work!

More than their amazing feature, our recliner sofas here at Born in Colour are designed with a sleek and sophisticated look to fit the modern interior designs of many homes today. We can guarantee as well that our reclining sofas are made with high quality materials and by experienced craftsmen to ensure long-lasting functionality. Browse through this page to see our selection of stunning reclining sofas for reasonable prices.

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Pelican Recliner Armchair


Arluto Recliner 3 Seater Sofa


Arluto Electric Recliner 2 Seater


Noah Plush Recliner 3 Seater Sofa


5 Items