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Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden Bed Frames

Bed frames are among the pieces of furniture we really put effort into choosing for our new home. As they have the principal function of serving as our resting spot in our bedroom, we opt to pick only the best in the market. Moreover, we often prefer quality and long-lasting bed frames, specifically, wooden ones as they have the reputation for being sturdy. Searching high and low for a good quality wooden bed frame in Singapore with maximum support and a great style? Browse through our Wooden Bed Frames collection, with varying design styles and plus points such as installed charging points and charging rack. Your life will never get more convenient. Here at Born in Colour, you can find an assortment of bed frames made of quality wood that will not only serve your need for a cosy resting place but also offer other solutions such as storage and space-saving.

About Our Wooden Bed Frames

Based on research, people spend 26 years of their lives sleeping. Therefore, you need solid beddings to make sleeping and spending time in bed more comfortable.

Choosing a new wooden bed frame in Singapore, on the other hand, is often an afterthought for many people. So long as the frame is still manageable, most of us opt for a new mattress. However, when it comes to the quality of your sleep, the bed structure might be just as crucial as choosing the appropriate mattress.

How to Choose a Nice Bed Frame

Because the wooden bed frame is the major support system for your bed, you want to be sure you get a proper one for your needs. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Considering the size of your bedroom might assist you in selecting the finest option for your space. On the sides and end of your bed, you should have 2 to 3 feet. This allows you to roam around freely in your bedroom. Compare the dimensions of your available space to those of a regular bed. Keep in mind that your wooden bed frame and headboard can extend the bed beyond the mattress size by a few inches.

  • Underneath the mattresses, some kind of support is required. Your mattress will slump or wear out prematurely if it lacks support. Platform beds and box springs are the two most common types of support. If you choose a platform bed, your mattress will have built-in support. There's no need for a box spring.

  • Another factor to consider is the wooden bed frame's height. Choose a bed height that is comfortable for you. For persons with mobility limitations, a higher mattress is usually preferable. A platform bed is a fantastic choice if you prefer to sleep close to the ground. You can also opt for a bed frame with a modest profile. Look for a taller bed frame if you desire more height. Some beds can be made to order in any height you like.

  • The wooden bed frame's foundation should be taken into account for the benefit of your floors. Take a look at the part of the frame that is in contact with the floor. Is there any protection provided by glides or covers?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Wooden bed frames are great for their durability and flexibility. Especially so when you are opting for a pest-resistant type of wood, your wooden bed frame can actually last for years.

The lifespan of your wooden bed frame depends on the way it is maintained and utilised. It is important to keep children from jumping on the bed to protect the mattress and the platform underneath.

You may consider the size requirement when looking for a wooden bed frame. Would you share your bed with someone and need a larger frame? Do you want a storage bed frame or a sofa bed? These are some of the things you may consider when buying a wooden bed frame.

Stabilizing your wooden bed frame is crucial to make it last. You should have a carpenter to check on it from time to time and have it resealed, repainted or treated for possible pests.

Wooden bed frame is still, by far, the best and strongest type of bed. It didn’t rust like a metal bed frame and is versatile enough for constant use.

A good bed frame can induce good sleep. Moreover, buying a quality wooden bed frame can be a cost-effective decision in the long run as you will not need to buy a replacement early on.

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Yasu Nature Solid Oak Bed Frame

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Kinsei Japandi Bed Frame - Cherry

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