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A coffee table in Singapore is for most of the time an essential piece for your living room. It might easily be overlooked (which is a wrong move, really) when designing the living room as it is a small piece. However, a good and strategically placed coffee table can do wonders for your living room. A practical low table for your essentials or an accent piece in your living room, the humble coffee/sofa or centre table brings out the essence of the living area and also fills up an otherwise empty space between the Sofa and the TV area. Choosing the ideal table for your living room is an important task, the table must blend in the overall interior design. Browse through and bring home a range of sizes and styles of tables here. Whatever home interior design you want to renovate your home with, we have the perfect centre table for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The measurement rules for coffee tables in Singapore are as follows: Leave at least 12 to 18 inches of space between the coffee table and the sofa. This will allow enough room for the movement but will not make the coffee table so far from where everyone is seated. 24-30 inches space is also recommended between the coffee table and the TV console for a good viewing angle.

A coffee table is often placed at the centre of the living room where it is often surrounded by sofas or other seating areas. This is because coffee tables are meant to hold the cups of coffee, plates for snacks or the remote control for the television.

The main purpose of the coffee table is to serve as a holder for cups of tea and coffee while there are people conversing in the living room. Sometimes, it also serves as a place to keep the remote control for the television within reach.

Yes. It is highly recommended that you place the coffee table at the centre of your living room. This will allow you to have decent and symmetrical space to move around the living room and give everyone equal access to what is being placed on the coffee table.

While living in a small space tends to discourage the use of a coffee table in Singapore, it is still advisable to have one in your living room. Coffee tables are practical when you need to have a place for your snacks and drinks while entertaining guests or watching television with your family.

The inception of chromatic existence: Ascending spatial realms through the embodiment of our coffee tables in the illustrious city-state of Singapore.

Greetings and salutations, esteemed individuals, and allow me to extend a warm welcome to the esteemed establishment known as Born In Colour. We take great pride in our exceptional aptitude for metamorphosing living spaces into exquisite works of art. Our coffee table Singapore exemplify more than mere furniture; they serve as a testament to the artistry of superior craftsmanship and innovative design. At Born In Colour, we ardently uphold the notion that each abode possesses the capacity to narrate a tale. Henceforth, we have dedicated our efforts to bestow upon the denizens of Singapore an assortment of coffee tables of unparalleled excellence. Our aim is to assist you in crafting a personal and distinctive narrative within the confines of your abode.

Our coffee tables possess not only a remarkable sense of fashion but also an unparalleled level of functional superiority. These exquisite articles serve as the quintessential elements that harmoniously unite your living space.

The coffee tables available in Singapore embody a harmonious fusion of both aesthetic design and practical functionality. The coffee table, though seemingly unassuming in its nature, possesses an undeniable influence within the realm of the living room. The judicious curation of a coffee table can enhance the aesthetic of your surroundings and accentuate the distinctive character of the space.

Born In Colour offers meticulously crafted coffee table Singapore that are imbued with thoughtful design elements, elevating your living spaces to a realm of vibrant vitality. The coffee table Singapore exhibit a refined aesthetic characterised by sleek contours, striking geometries, and the utilisation of premium-grade materials.

Our pursuits extend beyond mere aesthetics. It is widely acknowledged that a coffee table must possess qualities of durability and functionality, serving as a platform for a diverse range of activities. These activities may include facilitating social gatherings centered on coffee consumption, as well as providing a stable surface for impromptu work arrangements conducted within the confines of one's residence.

The concept of sustainability lies at the very core of our endeavours.

As fervent enthusiasts of coffee tables in the illustrious city-state of Singapore, we find ourselves equally fervent in our dedication to the preservation and well-being of our planet. Born In Colour is deeply dedicated furniture shop Singapore to the pursuit of crafting furniture that adheres to the principles of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Born In Colour is not solely focused on the creation of furniture, but rather on the profound connection between individuals. Every coffee table within our esteemed collection in Singapore encapsulates the profound essence and intrinsic spirit of the master craftsman responsible for its creation.

Partake in the collective odyssey we invite you to embark upon.

There exists no temporal juncture more opportune than the present moment to commence the process of metamorphosing your abodes. We cordially invite you to embark upon a transformative odyssey, wherein we endeavour to imbue abodes with an unparalleled sense of individuality, harmoniously reflecting the distinctive personas of their inhabitants.

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May Rattan Bohemian Coffee Table

Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $749.00

Nuovo Terazzo Coffee Table

Special Price $899.00 Regular Price $1,399.00

Yak Marble Coffee Table

Special Price $1,099.00 Regular Price $1,699.00

Certo Sofa Table

Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $789.00
Special Price $899.00 Regular Price $1,299.00

Dix Classic Coffee Table Set

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Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $1,119.00

Guri Oak Coffee Table

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Small Coffee Table

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Verso Mini Coffee Table

Special Price $399.00 Regular Price $699.00

Ireland Trolley Side Table

Special Price $429.00 Regular Price $699.00

Organic Modern Coffee Table Set

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Seio Coffee Table 800 (Swivel)

Special Price $699.00 Regular Price $999.00
Special Price $499.00 Regular Price $899.00
Special Price $1,099.00 Regular Price $1,689.00
Special Price $1,899.00 Regular Price $3,699.00

Fika Swedish Sofa Coffee Table

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Dix Ceramic Nest Coffee Table Set

Special Price $899.00 Regular Price $1,199.00
Special Price $299.00 Regular Price $429.00

20 Items