All transactions on this website are processed using Paypal or Visa/Mastercard, both secured online payment gateways that encrypts your card details in a secured host environment. The website does not store any of your card details. Full payment must be made before the delivery/self-collection of your order can be confirmed.

Payment are accepted only in Singapore Dollars, SGD (S$). No foreign currencies will be accepted. 


Delivery and Assembly

Unless otherwise stated, delivery and/or assembly services are chargeable per trip for all purchases (showroom, commercial and online).

All delivery dates provided by us (whether stated in the order, the invoice or otherwise) are based on estimates only. Accordingly, we shall not be responsible and shall not in any way be liable for not being able to deliver a Product within the specified timeframe that you had requested resulting from any unforeseen shipment or delivery delays from our manufacturers, or from our outsourced delivery partners.

There are 2 types of delivery methods, namely the white glove delivery and courier dispatch services.

White Glove Delivery - A standard one-way white glove delivery fee of S$100 will be applied for any new purchases. These are usually for items that are big and bulky and requires more care and attention from the delivery man. For promotional or sales items, as well as other instances, the standard delivery fee of S$100 also applies. Delivery schedule will be arranged with you in advance and will generally be on a weekday from 10am to 5pm, in a specified block of 4 hours. Deliveries may be delayed due to traffic conditions or any unforeseen circumstances and we seek your kind understanding in this matter.

Deliveries during peak hours (weekdays after 6pm and Saturdays after 12noon) may be available at an optional top-up of additional S$80 (non-waivable). Urgent deliveries within 2 working days are also available at an optional top-up. Please check with us if you are keen at this option. There are strictly no deliveries on all Sundays & Public Holidays, unless otherwise stipulated.

Non Lift-Landing- Standard white glove delivery rate applied is based on the lift landing level for apartments, HDBs or condominiums, or to the ground level for landed properties. In the event that the items are required to be carried to a higher level not accessible by lift (e.g. penthouse or higher levels of landed properties or shophouse and homes without any lift), an additional charge of S$20 per item per level will be charged and paid directly to the deliveryman in cash. We seek your kind understanding that moving furniture over staircase requires tremendous effort and may even result in injuries. Thus, it is only fair to compensate the delivery guys for their manual and hard effort. However, the deliveryman reserves the right to reject any delivery request that is beyond their reasonable physical capacity to carry.


Per Item Charge (S$)

Ground Level / Lift Landing


Level 2 (One Flight Staircase up)


Level 3 (Two Flight Staircase up)


Level 4 (Three Flight Staircase up)


More than Level 4

Additional $20 subject to reasonable requests

Courier Dispatch Services - The other delivery method, which is courier dispatch services, is automatically applied for items that does not require white glove delivery, and typically covers smaller, less bulky & flat packed items that can be handled by a courier man. This delivery method is charged at a lower flat rate of S$8.90, depending on the item size, to pass on the savings from a standard white glove delivery service back to you. For courier dispatch services, we will only be responsible to arrange a one-time delivery for you, according to a specified time block by the selected courier services. Please check with the relevant courier service directly if you require any further information by using the tracking number provided in the order email. We utilize only reliable courier dispatch companies. In the unforeseen event that they face delays in delivering your parcels, we seek your kind understanding to be patient with them. If you require a time-sensitive delivery, we advise you to inform us upfront during our call for the arrangement of delivery to enquire how to opt for a white-glove delivery by topping up with a fee. To adhere to courier dispatch services requirements, items are required to be flat-packed for parcel safety. If you require items to be pre-assembled upon delivery, we advise you to inform us upfront during our call for the arrangement of delivery to enquire how to opt for a white-glove delivery instead by topping up with a fee.  

Delivery Charges Summary -


Item Class

Standard Delivery Fee (Tier Rate)

Courier Dispatch Services



White Glove Delivery



Born in Colour reserves the right to apply the most appropriate delivery method for all items we carry and deliver. All fees shown in the above table are applicable for delivery within Singapore only, excluding all restricted areas (example: Military Camps). For overseas delivery, separate shipping charges apply. Please send an enquiry to us to find out more.  

Split Deliveries For Single Order (Multiple Trips / Multiple Addresses) -


Item Class

Standard Delivery Fee (Tier Rate)

Courier Dispatch Services



White Glove Delivery



The items that you order may be shipped by our various manufacturers and therefore may arrive at our warehouse at different times. If you would like to split your items into multiple delivery trips, additional delivery fee applies as shown in the above table. For split deliveries for multiple addresses similarly, additional delivery fee applies as above.  

Receiving your Items - We have stringent checks enforced to make sure that your purchased item(s) is in good and working condition before they get dispatched out to you. On delivery, you, the customer or any 3rd party recipient appointed by the you shall account for all the items delivered and inspect the item(s) thoroughly before the delivery man leaves the premise. Any missing items or damage detected should be immediately reported to the delivery man and noted on the delivery order itself. Please also send an email to our support team and provide a detailed description with photos (or video, where appropriate) showing the damage or problem you face. Our support team will then seek to respond to you within 3 to 5 working days. If you or your appointed recipient opt not to inspect the item(s) upon delivery and signed off your acknowledgement in the delivery order, you hereby agree that the received items are in good and working condition as at the time of delivery. The delivery order is deemed evidence of your acceptance. Therefore, any claims of missing items or new defects findings at a later stage will strictly not be entertained. 

Rescheduling of Delivery - We understand the change of plans sometimes. In the event that you require a change to your confirmed delivery date, there will be no charges incurred if you inform us more than 5 working days prior to your confirmed delivery date. However, there will be a change charge of S$100 levied if you inform us only within 5 working days prior to your confirmed and stipulated delivery date. Delivery is a hard cost we incur from our delivery/logistics partners and to rebook a delivery slot, we have to pay them accordingly. We seek your kind understanding in this matter.

Failed Delivery - We strive to deliver your items to you on the agreed date and time slot. However, there may be instances whereby we are unable to do so due to incorrect delivery address provided, no party present to receive delivery, you remain uncontactable during the stipulated delivery time slot, refusal of entry by building management, unable to access the premise due to obstruction or safety well-being of delivery man, and others. In the event of such a failed delivery and items are eventually returned to our warehouse distribution centre, our logistics team will contact you to reschedule another delivery. A redelivery charge of S$100 (for white glove delivery) or S$8.90/S$35 (for courier dispatch) will be levied and it must be paid before the rescheuled delivery date can be confirmed. Delivery is a hard cost we incur from our delivery/logistics partners and to rebook a delivery slot, we have to pay them accordingly. We seek your kind understanding in this matter.

Disposal of Old Furniture – We do not offer any free disposal of old furniture. Our delivery/logistics partners have a tight schedule to run and also limited capacity in their vehicles. As much as we would like to help, it is impossible that we put them to the task and jeopardise their mission of delivering every customers’ orders on time and in good order. Therefore, an additional charge of S$80 – S$120 per item for disposal will be charged. We will only dispose the item requested at a proper place which incurs costs as well. Delivery man reserve the right to decide if the item can be disposed off safely as well as only entertain reasonable requests of what you have purchase with us and what you ask for disposal. (Example, you buy 1 new sofa, you can only request for disposal for 1 old sofa.)We seek your kind understanding in this matter.



Our regular furniture items (regular items exclude all items marked Final Sale, Clearance, Display Piece, sold As-Is and customized pieces) comes with a 12 months warranty on manufacturing defects. However, the warranty does not include wear and tear, wrongly assembled, mis-use/handle (actions that will affect the wood due to natural wood behaviour) or issues related to wood characteristics of the purchased items will NOT be covered for, unless otherwise stated. Electrical fittings on the furniture, lightings, accessories and decorative items are also excluded from any warranty.

If you detect any manufacturing defects or damages which are likely not due to mis-use or wear and tear, please bring the stipulated item back to our warehouse. We will access the defects and in most cases, repairs will be performed locally. Should there are any clarifications to be made, you can send an email to our support team and they will seek to respond to you within 3 to 5 working days. 

We reserve the right to make the final decision on whether to repair or exchange the said item, as well as deciding on the replacement item (whether the same item of an equivalent-value, or a higher value, if the original item is discontinued or becomes obsolete), should an exchange be offered. We are committed to repair the product for you at a reasonable timeframe (depending on the availability of parts), and once the product is repaired or exchanged, we will inform you for self-collection or delivery.


Defect Consideration

All wood knots, patterns, grains, stains, texture and colour tones on our wood furniture and home decor items (for example Macarons series) will not be accepted as a reason for replacement as they are not deemed as a defect. As such, regretfully we do not honour exchanges or refund. Please refer to wood characteristics for more information.

Surface imperfections such as, but not limited to paint scratches, that do not affect the functionality and integrity of the item are also not deemed as defects. As such, regretfully we do not honour exchanges or refund.

For fabric/leather-related products, minor surface imperfections such as stains, marks, dirt or minor stitching details that do not affect the functionality of the item are not deemed as defects as well.

As raw materials used for the manufacturing of most of our items are wood, fabric, leather and metal, they will exhibit natural properties and finishes of the respective material. By confirming on your order and purchase, you have acknowledged to have been informed of these characteristics and therefore any variations and imperfections may not be considered as defects and raised as a claim for exchange or refund.

A furniture tip-over is not considered a defect and will happen at times of misuse. Prevent from opening more than one drawer at a time, placing the heaviest items in the lowest drawers and never allow children to climb or hang on drawers, doors and shelves. Unless specifically designed to accommodate, do not set TVs or other heavy objects on top of the furniture. 


Website Photo Illustrations

Born in Colour is committed to bring to you the best possible photo representations of our products shown on our website. However, some details of any products, including and not limited to colours, lightings, environment, may not be the exact representation of the actual product due to various reasons. It may also be dependent on your computer/device screen settings and resolutions. You are strongly advised to check with us via email or visit our design studio for any clarifications before placing an order online. Any exchange or refund claims stating inaccuracy of website photo illustrations will be refuted immediately. 

Do also note that accessories and furnishings included in the display images are purely for illustration purposes and will not be included as part of the product sale.


Personal Information

Unless otherwise expressly notified by you in writing, your address and contact details may be used by us and/or our subsidiaries and/or our partner companies and/or related companies to provide marketing information to you about our Products and events.


Sold-out items

Our online shop strives to show our complete collection and updated stock inventory. If an item is out of stock, this will appear on the Product display page. In the event if a said Product in the online shop is reflected as being in stock, and this is not the case when we contact you to inform that it is sold-out(usually due to it being sold offline in store), Born in Colour shall not be held accountable for any reason. We reserve the rights to contact you to understand if you want to pre-order and wait for our next shipment of the Product. In the event that you choose not to wait, a refund on that Product will be made to you.


For all Made-to-Order and Pre-Order items, shipments will be in around 8-10 weeks from the date of order. As all of the Made-to-Order and Pre-Order items are specifically ordered from our suppliers, there is a strict no refund policy. Shipments may face certain delays time to time and we are not able to accurately confirm a date in which the shipment will arrive. If you have any questions with your Made-to-Order/Pre-Order items, do contact us. If your item has not arrived past 2 months from the expected shipment date, do contact us to initiate a refund if you choose not to wait for the item. 

Promotions/Discounted Items/Price Changes

There is an additional specified set of terms and conditions of sales with every different promotions, inclusive of the terms and conditions found here. Please be sure to read all the additional terms and conditions before purchasing as they are binding to every promotional items purchased. 

Items purchased under promotions are non-exchangeable or non-refundable and are required to be self collected or arranged for delivery within the specified timeframe. Any requests, claims or delays are strictly non-negotiable and will not be entertained.

Prices in stores and online are subjected to change without any prior notice and any old pricing snapshot will not be honoured if purchase has not been made prior to the price change.


Limits to Customer claims/disputes

All customer claims and disputes are strictly limited to, and shall not exceed, the price of the purchased item(s) in question minus the delivery fee. If a delivery fee is charged in your order, it will not form part of your purchased item(s) price and is strictly non-refundable. In the event of a partial claim and there is discount given during promotions, it will be clawed back when the final amount is less than the criteria of the discount.

We will also not be liable for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever that may occur through the misuse, alteration or faulty assembly of any of our Products.

Born in Colour will work with you a solution on any dispute but reserve the final right to reject any claim if it goes beyond reasonable grounds.


Cancellation of Orders

We reserve the rights to cancel your order for a Product (which have been previously accepted by us) at any time and for any unforeseen reasons or whatsoever without your prior consent or agreement by giving you written notice of such cancellation. Upon such cancellation of your order for a Product by us:-

  • We shall no longer be obliged to deliver that Product to you; and
  • We shall refund to you, without any interest or compensation, the deposit and all other payments which you have made to us with regards to that Product; and
  • Upon such refund being made to you as mentioned above, you shall have no further claims against us arising out of or in connection with the said cancellation of your order. 

In the event that you decide to proceed to cancel an order, the following provisions shall apply:-

  • We offer a 24 hours free cancellation period for online orders whereby you can cancel your order within 24 hours of your purchase and we will refund the amount paid to your original mode of payment. 
  • For in-store purchases, there will be a restocking fee applicable. 20% restocking fee will apply and will be deducted from the refunded amount. Therefore, you will receive an amount equal to his payment minus 20%, refunded to your original mode of payment.
  • If you have purchased multiple items in one single order which has qualified you for certain discount and you have been refunded for a certain amount under the same order that has caused the total remaining value of the order to fall below the qualifying spending to avail that discount, such discount will become void. Any outstanding amount as a result of this is thus payable by you for the order to be valid. 

Returns and Exchanges

Pre-orders and all items under promotions, sales, discounts are strictly non-returnable and non-refundable.

For regular items (for avoidance of doubt, regular items refer to items not under promotions or any discount given within the order), we are committed to bring to you items that you are happy about. In the unforeseen case where you are unhappy with your purchase, you may initiate a return within the day of the delivery date. We will bring the item back and a 20% restocking fee will apply back to your original mode of payment

All items returned must be in a good, resellable condition and in its original packaging. Do note that Born in Colour reserves the final decision and right to reject any return if the item(s) is deemed to be used, altered or damaged in any negligent way.

Item(s) bought under display sets, clearance, "As-Is" or specifically expressed in the order are considered final sale and are strictly non-returnable, non-refundable or non-exchangeable. 

Storage of Purchased Items

The maximum duration of storage for your purchased items (regular-priced items) will be at a maximum of 1 month from your indicative date of delivery during the purchase. Strictly no extension will be allowed as storage charge is a hard cost for us to absorb. The items will be charged at 5% per month of the total amount for additional storage duration, unless otherwise stated. 

You can, however, indicate a date that is months ahead and we will count the storage duration from the date indicated as we will only get ready your item by that date. 


Completed Orders

We have stringent checks enforced to make sure that your purchased item(s) is in good and working condition before they leave the warehouse. It is also your responsibility to make sure that the delivered item(s) is in good and working condition before signing-off from our third-party delivery providers. The order is deemed completed after the item(s) is delivered with a sign off and is evidence that the goods are received in good and working condition at the time of delivery.

In the event of self-collection, similarly, the order is deemed completed once the item(s) are collected and have left our warehouse, and is evidence that the goods are collected in good and working condition at the time of collection. Hence, any new defects finding will strictly not be entertained. 


Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the law of Singapore. Any aspects that are not covered by these Terms and Conditions are subject to the law of Singapore.


Amendments to the Terms and Conditions of Sales

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. All amendments to these Terms and Conditions will be posted here and copyrighted to Bornilour Pte. Ltd. For any clarifications, you can reach us through email or writing to Blk 1024 Yishun Industrial Park A #02-31 Singapore 768763. Continual use of our website will be deemed to constitute an acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions stated.


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