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We often say that pieces of furniture, aside from bringing a sense of beauty in a room, are important due to their functionality. Chest of drawers in Singapore is a good example of such. This piece of furniture, along with cabinets and dressers are specifically made to store your belongings in. However, that doesn’t mean they should look simple to not compromise functionality. We have a wide range of chest of drawers that are not just functional but also aesthetic. Searching for a cabinet to stash your items away? Fret not, you can choose from our wide collection of cabinets, varying in design style, shape and sizes. Regardless of your home interior, you will definitely find a piece that will suit your home. Keep your living space clutter-free with our chests and drawers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the things you should look for when buying a chest of drawers in Singapore are the number of drawers you need, the materials used for making the furniture, the dimensions of the furniture and the compatibility of the design to where you will place it inside your home.

A chest of drawers offers more room for keeping your folded clothes in and has several compartments for organising your things. However, it lacks the clothes line that are typical for wardrobe dresses where you can hang your clothes that are prone to wrinkling. Thus, the choice between a chest of drawers or a dresser is dependent on your needs.

A chest of drawers is typically used for storing clothes that are folded. However, you may also use a chest of drawers to keep your supplies and small items organised. It can be used to store household supplies, kitchen utensils, valuables like jewelleries and money, and more.

Yes. Chests of drawers are typically placed either in the living room or in the bedroom depending on the items you are storing inside. Should you need a storage solution that can effectively organise your household supplies, adding a chest of drawers in your living room can be very helpful.

The height of your chest of drawers should be based on who will be accessing the furniture. If you will allow your children to access the drawers, having a wide chest of drawers that they can reach with their heights is advisable. Should you prefer to have drawers that are off limits for your kids, a tall chest of drawers is ideal.

Welcome to Born In Colour, your go-to source for exquisite chest of drawers Singapore!

Singapore Possessing a distinct character, our chest of drawers transcends its utilitarian purpose and embodies a deeper significance. This adored piece of furniture serves as a conduit for style, seamlessly merging practical functionality with an aesthetic allure that undeniably resonates with the essence of Singapore.

As one embarks upon the journey of perusing our esteemed assortment, one shall undoubtedly encounter a plethora of meticulously fashioned chest of drawers units, each of which serves as a profound reflection of the distinctive essence encapsulated within the vibrant tapestry of Singapore. It encapsulates the echoes of our ancestral legacy, the muted tones of our cosmopolitan existence, and the exquisite fusion of diverse cultures that our metropolis has become renowned for.

The discernible aesthetic and exceptional craftsmanship

At Born In Colour, we espouse the conviction of effectuating a meaningful impact. Henceforth, it is imperative to acknowledge that each and every chest of drawers present within the confines of Singapore, as meticulously curated within our inventory, transcends its mere functional purpose and assumes the role of a profound declaration. Embrace the multifaceted nature of versatility, for it is a quality that allows one to adapt and excel in a myriad of circumstances.

The chest of drawers Singapore exemplifies not solely the aesthetic qualities of refinement, but also the multifaceted nature that seamlessly accommodates the diverse requirements of any household. The adoption of a customer-centric approach is a strategic business decision that prioritises the needs and preferences of customers above all else.

It is within our comprehension that the chest of drawers transcends its utilitarian nature, assuming a role of utmost significance within the confines of your abode, serving as a profound expression of your personal aesthetic and taste.

An assortment that astounds with its remarkable qualities!

Within our establishment, we curate a diverse array of scandinavian sofa & recliner sofa Singapore designs that encapsulate the very essence of Singapore, reflecting its profound spirit and identity. Cease your anticipation and immerse yourself in our refined assortment, wherein you shall discover the ideal chest of drawers to adorn your delightful abode!

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