Did you know that despite having standard size labels, mattress sizes vary from country to country?

In Singapore, we have our very own standard mattress sizes. They measure at:


Singapore Mattress Size


Worried about getting the wrong mattress size? At Born in Colour, we offer a wide range of mattresses from our partners - Maxcoil and Sofzsleep. They provide custom-made mattresses to suit the measurements that your bed frame needs.  


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Complement the mattresses with our selection of solid wood Singaporean-sized-mattress-compatible bed frames.

Born in Colour Wooden Bed Frames

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We offer bed frames that fit Korean-Sized (International) mattresses too. Being aware of the differences can help you in selecting the perfect mattress that will fit snugly into your bed frame.

Korean International Mattress Sizes

At the end of the day, we tend to toss and turn unknowingly when we are asleep. It is of significance that we pick the right mattress so that we can have the freedom and comfort to move as we sleep into the night.

Mattress Size Comparison table

Not sure which mattress is right for you? Make an appointment with us and we will help you! Head down to our showrooms to find the right mattress for you because it matters.