Did you know that despite having standard size labels, mattress sizes vary in every country?

In Singapore, we have our very own standard mattress sizes.

Here are the measurements for mattress sizes in Singapore (illustrations included):


Singapore Mattress Size


Singapore Mattress Sizes

Super Single Size Mattress: 91cm by 190cm
Single Size Mattress: 107cm by 190cm
Queen Size Mattress: 152cm by 190cm
King Size Mattress: 182cm by 190cm

Worried about getting the wrong mattress size?

Don't worry, at Born in Colour, we offer a wide range of mattresses from our partners - Maxcoil and Sofzsleep.  


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Choose from Natural Latex Mattress, Pocketed Spring Mattress, Bonnell Spring Mattress, Foam Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress and Children Mattress.

They provide custom-made mattresses to suit the measurements that your bed frames needs. You can also add on pillows, bolsters and toppers!

Complete a bedroom set for the mattress you purchase with our bed frames!

Born in Colour Wooden Bed Frames

Our bed frames are designed to be compatible with all Singapore sized mattresses and we have a variety of wooden bed frames for you to choose from.

We also have bundle sets for bedroom sets such as bed frame and mattress, bed frame and bedside tables.

This way, you can have greater savings and better discounts for your bedroom sets!

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We also offer bed frames that fit Korean sizes (certain International & Australian) mattresses too.

Below is an illustration of the difference between Korea mattress size and Singapore mattress size so

that you can choose the perfect mattress to fit your bed frames.

Korean International Mattress Sizes

As most of us tend to toss and turn when we are asleep, choosing the right size mattress is important so

that we have the freedom and comfort to move as we sleep into the night.

The mattresses in our store are also designed such that if there are 2 people sleeping together

on the same mattress, they can sleep peacefully without being disturbed.

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Mattress Size Comparison table

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