The Gentle Beauty Behind Korean Minimalist Furniture

korean minimalist living room

If you’ve watched enough Korean shows like many Singaporeans have, you’d probably have noticed, subconsciously or otherwise, the various kinds of interior design showcased in home settings, mostly because many Korean shows depict ordinary lives of Korean citizens. One style that has caught the eyes of many viewers is modern Korean minimalism, as they often portray a relaxed and comfortable decor. What sets Korean minimalism apart is that it combines traditional style with the natural elements of each residence whilst achieving a sense of luxury. If this is an interior design that you’re intrigued by, here’s some inspiration to get you started, from dining sets in Singapore, to TV consoles in Singapore.

What is Korean Minimalism?

Minimalist korean style interior bedroom design

While Japanese minimalism, which has gained far more traction than other forms of minimalism (thanks, Kondo-san), Korean minimalism is said to have a little more flexibility, in that its overarching aim isn’t to empty your home entirely; but it’s about diminishing visual clutter without getting rid of every single thing in your home. It’s ideal for homeowners who aren’t compelled to go full minimalist yet. Korean minimalism is more subtle and neutral, striking a balance between two worlds. Here at Born in Colour’s online furniture store in Singapore, you’ll find a wide variety of Korean minimalist pieces to achieve your desired aesthetics.

Use Neutral Colours

White minimalist coloured bedroom design

One simple trick to accentuate Korean minimalism in your home is to go for a cohesive neutral colour scheme, such as white, cream, and tan. While more traditional minimalism utilises bolder hues like black and white, Korean minimalism colours provide more warmth to the interiors and also make a good base for a touch of pastel colours, such as soft pink, blue, or even a smudge of red. This applies to anything from your floor tiles, to your walls, or even your dining sets in Singapore.

Natural Textures

aesthetic classic wooden media cabinet

Most minimalist spaces are perceived to be sleek and sometimes even futuristic, with elements of chrome and glass. With Korean minimalism, however, warm woods and cane accents, such as a rattan TV console in Singapore, are heavily featured to make your room look clean yet cosy. Additionally, textiles are an easy way to infuse subtle colours into a neutral space, such as adding a pale pink rug for a slightly rosy effect to a room.

Keeping Furniture Low

Minimalist low lying furniture

Similar to Japanese interior designs, Korean minimalism celebrates low-lying furniture. For instance, many Koreans sleep on the floor without a bed, using only low boards and thin mattresses. In the same vein, Korean minimalism serves to minimise the use of large furniture that consumes a lot of space in the room. This also results in an airier and more comfortable room ambience. Korean minimalism also strives to make object placements as easy as possible by allowing more furniture to be placed directly on the floor. Traditional cultural features are also interwoven into the design scheme, like adding seating on the floor, using pillows as a base for seating, and using a low table with traditional cushions. You can find similar items here at our online furniture store in Singapore.

Not all minimalistic home interiors need to be bold or cut back in terms of depth and volume; Korean minimalism encourages you to tread the fine line between cleanliness and comfort, utilising subtle colours and textures to create a warm and inviting home setting. For more information about furniture related to Korean minimalism, please visit our website.

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