The Dos and Don'ts in Maintaining Your Leather Sofa

Leather sofas in Singapore aren't necessarily as ideal as we’d like them to be, however gorgeous they look. Given our sunny island’s hot and humid climate, maintaining leather sofas requires additional care and scrutiny to prevent mould and other humidity-induced wear and tear that could compromise the longevity of these expensive investments. To make every cent count, here’s a useful guide on the dos and don'ts when it comes to maintaining your pricey Italian leather sofa in Singapore.

Avoid DIY Products

Leather sofa in Singapore Avoid DIY Products

It’s not difficult to find videos on the Internet teaching you how to concoct all sorts of (unproven) solutions, and when it comes to leather sofas in Singapore, there too are homemade remedies involving a range of unusual and unconventional ingredients, like mayonnaise and vinegar that frankly sound better on a salad than a sofa. Our advice is — don’t go down that rabbit hole; as DIY solutions could be counterproductive and eventually do more harm to your leather sofa than good, if any at all. Instead, here are the bread and butter essentials for cleaning your leather sofa — a vacuum cleaner with an attached brush; distilled water; neutral-pH non-detergent liquid soap; a soft microfiber cloth, preferably white; a tarp or drop cloth; and commercial leather conditioner, although this is optional. 

Avoid Cleaning Unprotected Leather Forcefully

Leather sofa in Singapore Avoid Cleaning Unprotected Leather Forcefully

More often than not, our instinct when we’re cleaning dirt is to scrub hard in the hopes that stubborn spots would go away, but when it comes to cleaning an Italian leather sofa in Singapore, we recommend treating it with care, which means not using brushes with hard bristles, or a rough cloth, or any cleaning detergent that is too strong. Leather sofas possess that natural look that is sensitive to scratching and staining, which is why extra care is required to keep it that way. If you’re unsure about the right way to clean your leather sofa in Singapore, consult the manufacturer for help.

Consider Conditioning Periodically

Leather sofa in Singapore Consider Conditioning Periodically

Source: universalupholstering

If you want to keep your Italian leather sofa in Singapore soft and supple, you may consider using a conditioner once every six to 12 months, after cleaning. Doing this regularly enough will help your leather sofa retain its natural oils and keep it supple for many years. However, when picking out conditioning oils, avoid those that contain silicone or wax, as they may cause the surface of the sofa to be permanently sticky. 

Test Cleaning Methods Discreetly

If you’re unsure of what cleaning method works best for your leather sofa in Singapore, try it on a hidden area first so that any potential damage will at least be hidden out of sight from public view.

Dealing with Grease Stains

Leather sofa in Singapore Dealing with Grease Stains

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If you have an active family, you’ll be all too familiar with the propensity for your leather sofa in Singapore to attract unfortunate grease, butter, or oil stains. To treat those stains, wipe off excess grease with a clean dry cloth and leave it be. You may also sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the stains and leave it overnight before wiping or vacuuming it off. If these steps still prove ineffectual, then consider engaging a professional leather cleaning specialist to avoid further damage to the sofa.

All in all, maintaining your leather sofa requires effort and care, but the process itself is actually quite simplistic, and there’s no reason you can’t keep yours in pristine condition, even in Singapore. If you’re ready to invest in timeless luxury, check out Born in Color’s catalogue of classy and durable leather sofas in Singapore.

  • March 30, 2022
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