SquareRooms Singapore October 2015 Issue

"...because Korean furniture really makes sense in our local (Singapore) context. Their minimalist style suits our palate and the size of their furniture caters to our small homes..."

"We started sourcing around for our own, and we came across this furniture supplier in Korea that carried products that were really different yet suited our taste. Then we thought, why not bring them in so that we can share them with everybody here?"

- Mr Roy Tan, co-founder of born in colour

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 Fancy quirky, yet having a minimalist retro furniture? No fears, born in colour is with you on Seoul fun!

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Inside Story

- Most of the pieces they carry are very popular in South Korea, and can be found in the set design of popular Korean drama shows like Running Man and Emergency Couple.

- Its not just Korea-made furniture they're bringing in. born in colour plans to stock up industrial-styled furniture from India within the next 2 months. Watch this space!


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