We are featured in Qanvast! Affordable furniture stores you have not heard of.

We are featured in Quanvast! We are featured in one of their articles called Affordable Furniture Stores In SG You Haven't Heard Of (Yet).

Quanvast Article Feature For Born In Colour Affordable Furniture Stores In Singapore You Have Not Heard Of Yet

We are the one-stop for quality furniture from South Korea and priced at affordable prices.

Some of our exclusive signature collections include Bistro Rattan, Fika Swedish, New Retro and Heim Forest that can fit in various home decor styles.

Quanvast Favorite Picks From Born In Colour

Here is the list of their favorite picks from our store:

1. Heim Forrest Walnut TV Console (1600)

2. Mujis Japandi 4 Seater Dining Set ( 1200) (Table, 2 Chairs & 1 Bench)

3. New Retro Double Cabinet Side Table A

4. Fika Swedish Storage Bench

5. Guri Oak Scandinavian Ladder Book Shelf Rack

We can't find products matching the selection.
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