Blast from the Past — Introducing Retro Vintage Furniture

The world is constantly changing, and the sights and sounds we’re so familiar with today might not even exist in a few years. This is why we often tend to capture moments and memories, because they can be so fleeting. Although homes evolve along the same trajectory, some homeowners prefer a more retro and vintage decor to relive and breathe life into designs of the past. If that’s something you’re going for, read on to find out what retro vintage furniture in Singapore is all about and how our very own vintage catalogue at Born in Colour can help you achieve your desired aesthetics.

What is Retro Vintage Design?

What is Retro Vintage Design Furniture in Singapore

Generally speaking, retro vintage design harkens back to the mid-century time frame, a period where many distinct styles came forth in terms of colours, patterns, furniture, and decor. It is rooted in the design philosophy of the 1960s and 1970s. Retro vintage isn’t just popular with the older crowd looking to relive the past; millennials are also intrigued by a slice of history that they perhaps never had the chance to grow up with. Additionally, retro vintage interiors often reflect pieces of art from similar eras, such as art deco, Rococo style, or other design elements. After all, art is an excellent reflection of the time period it was conceived in. Nevertheless, retro vintage is interpreted differently all over the world, and retro furniture in Singapore can also reflect the nation’s very own unique slice of the 1960s sans western influence — think rattan coffee table in Singapore, or older 1960s solid wood furniture, for instance.

Characteristics of Retro Vintage Style & Furniture

Characteristics of Retro Vintage Style and Furniture in Singapore

It is said that retro vintage design is influenced by the post-war optimism of the 1960s, where designers were emboldened by a sense of daring and boldness to create and innovate. As a result, retro vintage style is typically lively, fun, loud, and “funky”. To reflect those characteristics, bold colours such as avocado green, mustard yellow, and combinations of brown with black and white, blue and purple, are strongly encouraged as they deliver in terms of creating a cheerful retro atmosphere. Prints and patterns are also a common sight as they are bold and dynamic, adding flair to your retro vintage aesthetic.

Retro vintage also features lots of furniture, but those pieces aren’t just placed willy-nilly; they have to be functional, comfortable, and harmonious with each other. A common feature of retro furniture in Singapore is that they normally have clear lines that accentuate their abstract nature. Arguably the most important rule when it comes to designing a retro vintage home is to refrain from overdoing it by making it historically accurate and almost theatrical. You also do not have to specifically pay homage to one particular retro era — it’s absolutely fine to combine a mid-century swivel chair with a sleek, modern console from the 21st century. The aim is to leave traces and hints of retro vintage design instead of flooding your home with it.

Finally, subtle vintage accents also go a long way in complementing your retro vintage design without splurging too much money. Consider things like geometric patterned wallpapers, fuzzy rugs, lava lamps, paintings, and even vintage sculptures.

Appeal to a Younger Generation

Furniture in Singapore Appeal to a Younger Generation

As mentioned earlier, retro vintage design is catching up amongst millennials and other young homeowners, just as Gen X found nostalgia in mid-century designs that their grandparents had once embraced. Similarly, there’s definitely a nostalgic appeal to retro vintage design that is endearing to a modern crowd looking for a change of scenery. There’s also a practical reason for doing so, as the cost of living continues to rise unabated, new homeowners stand to save more by buying second-hand furniture, better still if it’s solid wood furniture passed down from generations.

This has resulted in discarded retro furniture being intentionally repurposed to complete a vintage home interior; furniture or decor that were once overlooked are now in demand for their nostalgic appeal.

Here at Born in Colour’s furniture store in Singapore, we offer a wide range of bespoke retro vintage furniture at reasonable prices to help create your ideal home aesthetics, such as our Neo-Vintage Walnut round coffee table in Singapore. Above all, we believe that every homeowner should be able to create their dream space with affordable furniture that will stand the test of time. For more information about our range of furniture, please visit our website.
  • July 21, 2022
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