Creating the perfect Scandinavian Design for your home

There are a plethora of reasons why Scandinavian interior design has been an ever-popular style for modern homes in Singapore. Scandinavian furniture is a popular trend particularly because of its cosiness and nature theme. The use of natural lights is also very ideal here in Singapore where it is sunny all throughout the year. Clean straight lines from the edge of Scandinavian furniture give a strong affirmation to the style, which is coupled with the use of natural wood material to give a calming home feel.

Here at Born in Colour, we offer a wider range of Scandinavian furniture collections that reflects the beauty of this style. Our furniture shop is offering a variety of Scandinavian furniture to go with your minimalist interior design.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Scandinavian furniture follows the design principles of Scandinavian style. These furniture pieces are often painted in neutral colours and are highly minimalist. Most Scandinavian furniture pieces are also made up of wood that gives the style a cosy vibe.

Scandinavian furniture in Singapore is often made of wood as Scandinavian style is known for its natural and unique wood grain elements. Some furniture pieces may also be made from glass, stone and metals especially for legs, decorations and linings.

Scandinavian modern furniture infuses the principles of Scandinavian furniture style and the concept of modern furniture style. The notable characteristics of these furniture pieces include minimalist appearance, emphasis on lines, use of neutral colours and the use of wood grains as an accent.

Scandinavian style in interior design is derived from the culture of Scandinavian countries. Due to the lack of sunlight in the region for most parts of the year, they develop furniture styles and home decoration techniques that can reflect light inside the house and make the interior space seem illuminated.

Refurbishing your home with Scandinavian furniture pieces is one of the best ways to adopt Scandinavian design to your interior space. Since the design principle has a lot to do with the choice of furniture and home decoration pieces, you can make your home feel more Scandinavian by adding the right pieces to it.