Creating the perfect Scandinavian Style Interior Design for your home

There are a plethora of reasons why Scandinavian interior design has been an ever-popular style for modern homes in Singapore. Firstly, the particular interior design offers a great solution for small space living as it harbours the principle of “less is more” with its minimalist design. Scandinavian furniture pieces are particularly simple and slimmer. Moreover, Scandinavian furniture is a popular trend particularly because of its cosiness and nature theme. For instance, rattan furniture is a common piece to add to the Scandinavian interior to bring out a natural wooden accent in a room. The use of natural lights is also very ideal here in Singapore where it is sunny all throughout the year. Moreover,

The Scandinavian home design revolves around minimalism, simplicity and functionality, and origins in the mid-century 1950s from Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Clean straight lines from the edge of Scandinavian furniture give a strong affirmation to the style, which is coupled with the use of natural wood material to give a calming home feel. When you design your home on these fundamentals, there are endless ways to style and build a Scandinavian home design to suit your family best. Here at Born in Colour, we offer a wider range of Scandinavian furniture collections that reflects the beauty of this style. Our furniture shop is offering a variety of Scandinavian furniture to go with your minimalist interior design.



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