Ireland Stool Table

Special Price $199.00 Regular Price $349.00
Product Info
  • Dimension: W350xD350x H435(mm)
  • Material: Body -Mindy Veneer
Fresh Green

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Introducing the Ireland Stool Table—a chic convergence of form and function that redefines versatility in home design. Crafted with meticulous attention, this stool table seamlessly integrates Mindy Veneer and Steel, creating a balanced fusion of natural warmth and contemporary flair. The Mindy Veneer, with its distinctive grain patterns, adds a touch of character to the tabletop, while the steel base provides an industrial edge. Beyond its role as a table, this piece doubles as a stylish stool, offering a dynamic solution for modern living. The Ireland Stool Table isn't just furniture; it's a design marvel that adapts to your space with ease. Elevate your home with this dual-purpose addition, where craftsmanship meets innovation, and aesthetic appeal marries practicality in perfect harmony.


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