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Dining Sets

It is always better to buy furniture in sets for more reasons than one. Firstly, it will save you a lot of money on delivery charges as your furniture set will be delivered in one go. Most furniture shops also give discounts when you buy their products in sets rather than per piece. For instance, instead of buying a separate table and chairs for your dining area, it will be best to invest in dining sets in Singapore to make the deal more affordable. Another thing is that buying furniture sets will guarantee perfect matching for flawless and effortless interior design. You can have a hassle-free yet elegant dining area when you choose to buy dining sets rather than trying to mix and match your furniture pieces.

Whether its a 1.2m or a 2.1m table, we have elegant and sturdy dining sets in Singapore for you to choose from. Pair our favourite dining tables with matching chairs or benches and save on a set price. Mix and Match from our dining tables and seating options to form your ideal dining arrangement now.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for a good dining room set, you must first know what your dining room is lacking. There are many types of dining room sets with various inclusions. It is good to opt for a dining set that includes the right number of chairs as well as the right table size for your family.

Dining sets in Singapore typically include a set of dining chairs and a dining table based on the number of chairs. They typically share the same design and can look pleasing when assembled in the dining room. This is the very reason why most homeowners opt for a dining set when decorating their dining room.

It depends on many factors including the design of your dining chairs, the theme of the dining room, whether you have kids or not and your own personal preferences. Should you wish to form a pseudo dining set for your home with your existing furniture, it is ideal to choose a dining table that matches the design of your dining room furniture pieces.

The right size of the dining table is of course dependent upon the number of people who will share it. You would want to stick to a smaller table when you share a unit with only one person or you are living alone. On the other hand, you would want a larger table when you have a large family.

By designing principle, rectangular shaped tables consume more space as compared to round tables. This is because round tables offer more space to move around without its corners. However, it is good to note that the space consumption is more reliant on the dimensions of table tops instead of the shape.

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