Maxcoil VIRO Bed Tribe II Package with Alpha Storage Bed (Mattress with Storage Bed Frame)

Product Info
  • Thickness: 27 cm (10.5")
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Headboard Selection: City / Ritz / Vogue / Chic / Urbane / Altis (Default) 
  • Colour Choice: Cream, Capuccino, Mocha, Grey, Black

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Intricately crafted from the core to surface, the VIRO Tribe II Mattress features a combination of individual barrel pocketed spring for reinforced lumbar zone support, delivering pressure-relief and personalized medium-firm comfort for a restful quality sleep.

Pair it up with VIRO Alpha Storage Bed and you have the perfect combination for your bedroom. A blend of comfort and space saving solutions - Available with 5 colour choices and 5 headboard designs (Default is most popular Altis design).