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Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is making a big comeback and it’s here to stay!

Rattan furniture has a very distinct appearance that made it so popular for many homeowners in Singapore. The weavings made the furniture pieces look cozy and stylish that work for both interior and exterior parts of the house. One can see rattan furniture pieces in the garden, verandah, or balcony, as much as they are staple pieces in living rooms and bedrooms.

What makes rattan pieces popular? Rattan has a weather-resistant property that makes the pieces suitable for outdoor furniture. Aside from that, rattan also has a resistance to the sun's UV rays. While the UV rays can damage most outdoor furniture pieces in the long run, rattan pieces are highly durable in that matter. Most pieces are also lightweight due to the base material, rattan, being lightweight. Thus, they are easy to move around when redecorating. See our collection of exquisitely designed rattan pieces for an elegant and comfy home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rattan furniture in Singapore follows a strict maintenance process. First, you will need to dust off the furniture pieces. Then, you will need to wipe or brush the rattan weaving with water to remove the deep seated dust particles. After that, you can air dry the furniture piece. Coating it with varnish may also help in preserving its beauty.

Rattan furniture can be challenging to clean. Rattan weavings create small curves on the surface of the furniture piece where dust particles can accumulate. When that happens, it will be difficult to remove the dust from the furniture with dry wiping alone.

Rattan chairs, just like any other rattan furniture, need to be dusted off and recoated from time to time. This will help preserve the beauty and colour of the furniture piece as well as prolong its lifespan. You would also want to have it checked by furniture makers to ensure that the weavings are still in good condition.

Some people use oil to coat rattan furniture as the glistening texture of oil can revive the dullness of a dusty rattan furniture piece. However, consider whether you will be seating or placing papers and fabrics on a rattan furniture piece before applying oil on it.

Rattan furniture may last for a shorter period of time as compared to solid wood furniture. This is because rattan weavings tend to snap with continuous exposure to tension. For instance, a rattan chair may get deformed after several years due to the tension placed on the fibres when being used.

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