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Solid wood furniture in Singapore is a timeless classic. Even with the rise of various furniture pieces made from different materials, solid wood furniture pieces are still the favourite in many homes and offices. This is not surprising at all. After all, people are looking for sturdiness and aesthetics when it comes to furniture pieces and solid wood furniture can provide both. Solid wood furniture has a good reputation when it comes to long lasting beauty. They are often pest-resistant, easy to maintain and can be repainted or varnished to cover the signs of age.

Should you find yourself interested in collecting these masterpieces for your home or you want to add wooden furniture to complete your Scandinavian or Rustic home interior design, we have a wide selection of solid wood furniture here at Born in Colour. Browse our online furniture shop for great finds across various styles on trend today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Solid wood furniture in Singapore tends to last for a long time. Thus, many households still prefer to have solid wood furniture pieces inside their homes. Moreover, solid wood furniture pieces offer timeless beauty with their natural wood grains and colours.

There are many types of solid wood that are good for furniture.

Popular solid wood furniture is usually crafted from oak lumber, cherry wood, teak wood, pine lumber and other solid woods that vary in wood grains, colour and durability.

A solid wood table can last for generations. In fact, tables are among the most abundant antique furniture pieces because of their lasting durability. However, for it to last long, a solid wood table must be maintained well. Reinforcing the bolts and nails as well as recoating the surface are just some of the maintenance works it requires.

The most common disadvantage of having solid wood furniture pieces is that they are prone to infestations. Termites, house ants and bed bugs are just some of the most common pests that can breed in solid wood furniture. This is why it is recommended that you get pest control service for your home when you own a lot of solid wood furniture.

It depends on the preferences of the buyer. Solid wood furniture pieces have lasting durability and natural beauty. However, they can be very expensive. On the other hand, engineered wood furniture pieces are more environmentally friendly as they make use of sawdust and wafer boards which lessen one’s carbon footprint.


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