Maxcoil VIRO Spinesation 8'' Bonnell Spring Mattress with Bed Frame

Product Info
  • Dimensions: Thickness 8" (King 190x180cm, Queen 190x150cm, Super Single 190x106cm, Single 190x90cm)
  • Material:Innerspring spine support system, Knitted fabric, Latex Density Foam

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Unchated Sleep with Viro 

The viro Spinesation, mattress suited for spine support. it helps in alligning the sping through: 

  • Innerspring spine support system that provides great support and weight balance 
  • Knitted Fabric is highly breathebale and emphatise an absolute touch of softness, assuring maximum coziness, providing better sleep
  • Latex density foam provides great cushion support for maximum rest
  • Firm comfort evel for a good night rest  

Viro_A2_Spinesation_Bonnell Spring Mattress