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We are happy to announce that we have been featured in 2 of the blogs by Best in Singapore! We are proud to share with you the following 2 blogs below:

1. Top 17 Stores Selling the Best Home Decor in Singapore

In this blog, they have reviewed and shortlisted 16 furniture stores that sell the best home decors.

Born in Colour Website Featured in Best in Singapore Blog

They mentioned that Born in Colour is best for space-efficient home decors.

They also mentioned that we offer a broad series of trendy, compact, efficient and functional designs that will perfectly suit your humble lifestyle.

Our pieces offer an ergonomic design that ensures a strong durable built.

As they mention, we also give design consultations by providing interior design tips, recommend furnishings and more.

Some highlights they have pointed out are that we have styled collections and affordable selections.

Do check out this blog they have written here!

2. 6 Shops Selling the Best Extendable Dining Table in Singapore

In this blog, they featured our Fika Swedish Extendable Oval Dining Table (1600).

Shops That Sell The Best Extendable Dining Table Singapore Born In Colour

They talked about how one should invest in an extendable dining table so that you would no need to shift tables from time to time.

This is useful especially when you are having a huge gathering whereby there will be guests coming in anytime.

Some highlights they have pointed out about us are that we offer fair prices, high quality materials, retro and complementary styles for our extendable tables.

You can check out our collections of extendable tables here.

Do check out this blog they have written here!

That is the end of our blog, we would like to thank Best in Singapore for featuring us and do check out our collections!

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